Women around the messenger

Salam aleikum

Jag håller på att läsa den mycket fina boken Women around the messenger skriven Muhammed Ali Qutb. Den handlar om kvinnor som på något sätt var kopplade till profeten Muhammed (saw) Den har många fina avsnitt och jag tänkte dela ett med er. Det handlar om hans fru Umm Salamah


          When Umm Salamah finished her period of waiting after the death of her husband, Abu Bakr proposed marriage to her, but she        did  not accept the proposal. So the Prophet (saw) sent to her a proposal of marriage to her. She told the person who was sent to         her,  ‘ Tell the messenger of Allah (saw) that I am a jealous woman, I have children and none of my guardians is present.” He            sent this message to her, ‘As for jealousy, I will ask Allah to remove it; as for children, I will take care of them; and for the fact that none of your guardians is present, none of them, present or absent, will oppose your marriage to me’ She then told her son Umar, ‘Stand up and give me in marriage to the Messenger of Allah (saw)’ And he married her to him

(Muhammed Ali Qutb, Women around the messenger, 2008. S.136

MashAllah, det här är något att tänka på i ett samhälle där många verkar leta efter den “perfekta partnern”


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